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The 21 day complete lock down due to the onset of COVID-19 has transformed life at Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama (SRSD) into a Rishi Kula.

During the vedic period, Rishis  lived in forests, in a hermitage and did their sadhana.  All the daily chores like washing the clothes, keeping the place neat and tidy, milking the cow, collecting firewoods, etc., were attended to collectively by them. Besides, they engaged themselves in doing their personal sadhana in the form of dhyana, learning scriptures etc., and collective sadhana in the form of yajna.

As a measure of abundant caution, at SRSD, we have asked all the helpers to stay at home for the entire period of 21 days lock down. With this arrangement, we are only eight people staying in a 10 acre campus, left to take care of ourselves, with Jyothi Maa as our Rishika leading the folk. This life at SRSD takes me back in time to remind me of the lifestyle of Rishis and their hermitage.

Just as it was done during the vedic times at hermitages, here at SRSD, we take care of the entire ashram by allocating  different activities amongst ourselves. We also attend to our 8 cows, the divinely beings in our Goshala. Besides, we get time to do our personal sadhana three times a day. Oh! A wonderful opportunity to stay together and do ‘Swadhyaya’ !

A soothing breakfast at 8:30 am, followed by hot Kashaya / Tea at 11.30 am, with fresh and delicious lunch at 1 pm, followed by hot tea / badam milk and snacks at 4.30 pm and a digestible yet delightful dinner at 7.30 pm  takes care of our existence. All thanks to Shri Raghavendra Batru, our cook. What a fortune !!

Overall, life at SRSD reminds me of a Vedic lifestyle led by our Rishis, filled with physical as well as spiritual activities with the mind being greased with calmness, clarity and confidence that is inexplicable. Moreover, the bliss of protection and enveloping  warmthness of the Rishis who are present at SRSD and guiding us in the path of Sadhana, is transforming!

At SRSD, we keep all of you in our meditations and pray for your well-being. Please confine yourselves to home and do not take the risk of exposing yourselves to this deadly virus. For, there is Wisdom in ducking when the tide is high!

Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavanthu

Samastha Sanmangalaani Bhavanthu

Om Tat Sat

4 responses to “RISHIKULA @ SRSD”

  1. Shilpa Karanth says:

    This experience reminds me of 33 days anushtana with Guruji in 2002. I guess everyone gets this opportunity to experience, this time you have been chosen by prampara 😊

  2. Shilpa Karanth says:

    This is a good opportunity for you all to stay at such a divine place and do karma yoga.

  3. Satish says:

    Wow. Beautiful. Thanks for the pictures it really gives us visual view of Ashram life. You all are truly role models. Smile in your face says it all. Thanks.

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