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The Seed – Part 3

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The Seed

Part 3

Guruji asked,” Do you know why I asked you to chant Gayatri Mantra? This mantra has different effects at different stages. The very first effect of chanting Gayatri mantra is purification.”

“What is purification? It is called Shoucha in Yogic parlance.  Shoucha means cleaning the Koshas. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra starts the process of Shoucha even without our knowing it; like a medicine, the doctor prescribes it, you know nothing about the science involved in the treatment, but you get cured.”

“Don’t ever stop just because you don’t know how it works. This is a strange medicine, it not only cures, it also educates you, step by step and reveals the science behind it and prepares you to receive more. Revelation comes in the form of vivid experiences. This is a never-ending process. What was medicine in the beginning, becomes nectar if you keep up the practice! Never ever abandon it.”

“Your practice of Gayatri mantra chanting brought you to the Pancha Kosha, I was just an instrument. Your continued practice brought you the two key words – Freedom and Responsibility – I was just an instrument. Gayatri mantra is the true Guru, it will eventually lead you to a state of being called Vishwamitra.”

To be contd.

Laxman Sakharam Karandikar

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