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The Seed – Part 2

Chitta Vrittis

The Seed

Part 2

What is evolution and what can prevent it? Whatever impedes it, binds us to wherever we are, in whatever state we are. What are all those factors?

As I glossed over this query, the hostel co-ordinator came and started scolding the hostel inmates who were having lunch in the dining hall near Annapoorna block. I loved to sit there on Sundays because I loved the playful sounds children made while enjoying their lunch in the Sunday mood.

I never like anybody shouting at any person having meals. So I got terribly angry with the hostel co-ordinator, but controlled myself and took him away on some pretext.

My anger had disrupted my chain of thoughts. I went back to my seat still disturbed because of the hostel co-ordinator’s behaviour. A boy came and said, “Thank you, Sir, will you like to have some Payasam?” He gave me a bowl of Payasam and I thanked him as I loved this dish. I was back to my normal self.

What had caused that anger and later the joy when the little child spoke to me? It was not the hostel co-ordinator, nor was it that child who twisted my mood, I lacked something within, something was not right within me.

In that mood I just walked around in the Ashram. Somewhere around teatime as I walked past Guru Kutir, I saw Guruji sitting in the veranda and he beckoned me.

Chandan had brought tea, he offered me a cup.

Guruji said, ”Once in Delhi you asked me how ‘Pramana’ can be a Chitta Vrutti? Have you found the answer?”

When I replied in the negative, he asked me the meaning of ‘Pramana’. I said Pramana means ‘proof’.

He said, ”Pra is a prefix that means something that has continuity, like ‘Pra Paat’ that means falling continuously. We use that word for a waterfall – jal prapat. What is ‘maan’? We always have a yardstick; it is always in the background of our mind. What is that yardstick? What should be done, what should not be one, how a boy should behave, how a girl should behave, this is an unending list. We carry it with us all the time and express our satisfaction when people stand up to our standard. Otherwise we are unhappy, disturbed, we may even pick up a quarrel.”

“This is Pramaan Chitta Vrutti. It may be Klisht or Aklisht”.

Guruji seems to have ‘seen’ what was going on in my mind during lunch hour. I suffered due to Pramana!

Guruji said,” We cannot learn Yoga like Physics, going step by step in a specific order. It involves ‘experiencing’ and life does not follow the pattern you wish. So, Yoga cannot be learnt Sutra after Sutra. Different experiences reveal different Sutras.”

Guruji further commented, ”Even after knowing what is Pramana Vrutti, we don’t undergo any transformation. It comes only from practising Niyama. Practice is the key.”

To be continued

Laxman Sakharam Karandikar

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