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The Seed – Part 4

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The Seed

Part 4

If I regularly chant Gayatri mantra then I don’t have to do any other Sadhana, is it so?

Guruji said, “What is your daily prayer?” This was an unexpected question.

I said, “It is the last Hymn of Yajurveda and Ishavasya Upanishad – Agne Naya Supatha……”.

Guruji smiled and said, “The Guru is called Agni here. You are praying to Guru to lead you on to the right path, is it not?”

“Your Guru, the Gayatri, is illuminating a path which is right for you. Is it enough to see the path? Is it not necessary to walk on this path?”

“As you move forward, the Guru will illuminate the path further. Keep chanting the Gayatri Mantra and keep advancing in your journey.”

“Swami Rama’s Gurudev sent him to so many different teachers… All his experiences were in so many different dimensions. Every time he returned to his Gurudev, he had undergone some subtle transformation.”

“What is an experience? Everyone constantly experiences something, something good, something unpleasant. But is it ‘experiencing’? Whatever you experience, and I am not talking about ‘spiritual’ experience, it could be as simple as getting angry, you experience anger, say, then what do you do? You blame someone for the trouble you had, right? Here, if you go inward then you will find something that will set the pace of your transformation. Blaming someone is easy but looking within is arduous; but this arduous task sows the seed of transformation.”

“You have learnt Niyam in Ashtang Yog. All the five Niyamas are the ways of going ‘within’! These are five tools, your simple experiences of the mundane life will turn in to so many dimensions of transformation when you go within.”

Laxman Sakharam Karandikar

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