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Srividya Tantra Tradition

Tantra is considered the most ancient system in Sanatana Dharma. Among various Tantric traditions, Samayachara is considered the highest.

  • Srividya is the profound path in the school of Samayachara.
  • Srividya is considered as The Mother of all Vidyas in Tantric traditions.
  • Great sages say one who knows Srividya knows all Vidyas!

Srividya says that the individual self resembles the infinite universe and the Sri Yantra displays the process of srshtikrama and layakrama. In other words, philosophy of Srividya is that the whole word is a continuous unfoldment of what is already in a state of perfection, stillness and bliss; in the same way, the world can dissolve back into the same perfect state. This perfect state is cognized both as formless or as Mother Divine.

  • Bhavanopanishad and Saundarya Lahari are two sacred texts that explain the path of Srividya and its esoteric dimensions.
  • Mantra, Yantra and Mandala are the tools used in this path.
  • South India has for centuries been a region where Srividya practices have taken deep roots and countless masters both house holders and renunciates have lived, practiced and guided aspirants in Srividya.
  • Srividya is an exact science where an aspirtant is taken through a series of systematic practices both external (bahiryaga) and internal (antaryaga) that leads one to a rich inner unfoldment while experiencing a full external life, culminating in Mahayaga.

In Sadhana Sangama Trust, we are blessed to be connected with the sages of Srividya Tantra tradition and we always base our sharing of knowledge on the scriptures and teachings of our sages.