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Sri Satyanandanatha (Padmasri Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R. Satyanarayana of Mysuru)

Guru Sri Satyanandanatha of Mysuru, a Padmasri awardee and popularly known as Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R. Satyanarayana, is an internationally acclaimed Danceologist, Musicologist and a Srividya adept. Born in Mysuru in 1927, he hails from a family of several generations of artists and scholars.

Fondly addressed as RaaSa, Dr.R.Sathyanarayana has endeavoured all his life silently and ceaselessly integrating art with culture by funnelling all cognate areas of sciences, shastras and Indological discipline. He has enriched them immensely to the benefit of generations to come.

Sri Satyanandanatha as he is addressed in Srividyaranya tradition, is an adept in Vedic learning, the Darshanas and the Tantra Shastras. He is a venerated guru in Srividya Tantra belonging to Srividyaranya tradition. He is the author of the classic book (3 volumes) on Srividya Tantra – “Srividya Shodashika” in Kannada language in which he presents the quintessential wisdom of South Indian Srividya tradition from the depth of his direct experiences. He is a source of inspiration and beacon light for the students and scholars of musicology, danceology and Srividya upasakas.

Dr. R. Sathyanarayana belongs to the Shishya parampara of the saint music composer Sri Thyagaraja. He has won international acclaim as authority on Indian music & dance. He has received many academic distinctions, honourific titles, awards etc. in India and abroad and is intimately associated with many institutions of higher learning and of the Arts. He is a prolific author, research scholar, homeopathic physician, public speaker, teacher, music composer & broadcaster.