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Soma Mandala Dhyana - Moon Meditation

Moon Meditation technique is a revealed knowledge from Srividya Tantra tradition that has deep calming effect to the mind of a seeker. Moon meditation is a very efficacious Srividya system of practice. It enhances the quality of meditation with focus and depth and provides blissful relaxation to body, mind and soul.

Moon meditation is done as group practice in various cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. You can join any of these session on each Full Moon day to practice a guided Moon meditation session.

It culminates annually on Guru Poornima day at Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama as an offering to Guru. All can join the Guru Havan and Soma Mandala Dhyana in Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama.

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