Sadhana Sangama Trust

School Campus

Sadhana Vidyalaya is located 4km off Bangalore-Mysuru highway between Ramanagara and Chennapatna, enroute to Kanva reservoir. The school is part of our Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama campus which is serene, filled with lots of trees and greenery making it an ideal environment for children to learn in relaxed manner.

  • There is one main school building that houses all classes except Kindergarten.
  • The class rooms are very spacious with many large windows enabling natural light to enter and blending with nature around.
  • The colorful art filled ancillary building houses Kindergarten classes along with Staff rooms and Labs.
  • The paintings on the walls of this building excite the small kids and they joyfully play in the kid’s friendly playground adjacent to their class.
  • Both these buildings are built using Eco-friendly materials and we are proud about our almost zero energy consumption operation. We care and nurture Mother nature who is so lovely in our campus.
  • The large open-air theatre amidst tall and thick trees lets the children enjoy the warmth of mother nature each day during the assembly session.
  • We have a Smart class room infrastructure that is used for technology driven classes for students and teacher training workshops.
  • Our library has numerous books that our children enjoy reading.
  • We have variety of playgrounds. A dedicated playground for small kids with fun filled equipment they can enjoy. We have a large playground in which children play football, volleyball, throwball, Badminton etc.
  • We provide RO filtered water to our Children.