Sadhana Sangama Trust

Dr. Sadhanashree

Dr Sadhanashree is an Ayurveda Doctor by profession and an accomplished Bharatanatyam Artist by passion.

Having received 'Jeevaka Award' from the prestigious Himalayan Drug Company for her academic achievement in Bachelors (B.A.M.S), she completed her M.D in Panchakarma specialization with 2nd Rank in the entire state.

The life teachings of Gurudev Swami Rama, a great Yoga master of the Himalayan Tradition, have become a natural part of her being and upbringing. She firmly believes this strong spiritual backing has matured her perspective of Ayurveda and has honed her skills in understanding her patients depth of problems.

Walking the footsteps of her parents Yogacharya Sri Pattabhiram and Srividya practitioner Smt. Jyothi Pattabhiram, Founders of Sadhana Sangama Trust, she is inspired to lead a selfless living like them, making 'service to Mankind', as the core of her medical practice!

To live this dream, she has established Arogyavardhini Ayurvedalaya, an authentic Ayurveda Centre at Bengaluru. She defines success of her practice as witnessing the journey of self-transformation in her patients and making them independent- 'Swastha' in its true and complete sense!

Being a certified Yoga teacher also, she integrates Ayurveda and Yoga to create a healthy-harmonious-happy society!