Sadhana Sangama Trust

Shri. Mukesh, RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance)

Mukesh, a Mechanical Engineer by profession went in search of meaning of his life soon after the completion of degree. He explored variety of things before turning his attention to Yoga. Soon he realized his natural inclination and innate ability to practice yoga asanas and pranayama.

Mukesh then spent about two years traveling and exploring various traditions and teachers of Yoga, especially in Rishikesh. He completed his 200-hour from Rishikul, Rishikesh. This course is recognized by Yoga Alliance making him a RYT200. He also studied Iyengar Yoga under Guru Rudra Dev, a direct disciple of BKS.Iyengar.

Mukesh has developed a natural alignment and depth for Yogasanas and Pranayama practices. He demonstrates at ease stability and comfort during his practices.

Mukesh developed an appreciation for Swami Rama and his teaching by reading his books and watching his lectures. He met Guru Jyothi Pattabhiram, a disciple of Swami Rama at Tadakeshwar and got initiated into the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation. Mukesh has been studying under her the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation practices as well as Srividya mantra sadhana as in Srividyaranya tradition.

Mukesh is committed to providing extensive instruction and counselling to students while motivating them to find true inner peace and their healthiest self. He enjoys encouraging & inspiring others in their journey to improve overall wellness and health.