Sadhana Sangama Trust

Matruka Chakra - Mystical Science of Mantras

Matruka chakra is the theory of the Samskruta alphabets as explained in Kashmir Shaivism. Matruka means unknown unrealized mother. So long as the mystery of Matruka is not realized, she is a source of bondage or limitation. When her mystery is realized, she becomes the source of liberation.

Matruka means letters or lettered sound through which all human activities are carried on. The central aspect of this workshop is full realization, perfect enlightenment of Matruka chakra and of the occult meaning of lettered sound of mantras.

  • Chanting and proper pronunciation of Samskruta alphabets
  • Understanding the esoteric meaning of these alphabets in relation to Mantras
  • Practicing the related Mantras