Sadhana Sangama Trust

Living Yoga Sutras for Yoga Teachers

Given the popularity of Yoga in India and across the globe, it is not difficult to realize the way it has been limited to largely physical dimensions and at most some breathing exercises. The depth in which Yoga shastra has been assimilated and applied among yoga teachers is an area that needs lot of attention.

  • There is a serious need to bring out and present the wisdom of Patanjali Yoga Shastra to the Yoga teachers community in practical ways
  • The beauty of Patanjali Yoga Shastra is that it looks at human personality in all possible dimensions and presents numerous methods and solutions keeping in mind the varied background of people
  • Yoga teacher with this knowledge can anchor first in the strength of his or her own direct experience and teach students from various walks of life
  • Unique methodology of studying Yoga sutras
  • Integrate Sutras into your practice and teaching sessions

We will practice Himalayan meditation in each class.