Sadhana Sangama Trust

Himalayan Tradition

The tradition of the Himalayan sages is an unbroken chain extending for thousands of years.

  • A living tradition existing even today untouched by the passage of time.
  • It is the tradition of meditation and not bound by dogma, frontiers of religion, caste or sect.
  • Direct experience through Meditation is the key and the central aspect of the practices of the tradition.

"The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation combines the wisdom of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras, the philosophy and practices of the Tantras, and the specific oral instructions and initiatory experiences passed on by a long line of saints and Yoga masters whose names may or may not be known. The Tradition is not an intellectual combining of three unrelated elements, but a unified system in which all the parts are integrally linked."

Swami Veda Bharati, The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation.


"A lineage that breathes and thereby we are the winds of that One Soul that breathes through us."

"A lineage that illumines and thereby we are the fuels (ghee and samagri) offered to the havan-kund of that One Soul that ignites and animate our buddhi-intelligence."

"A lineage that meditates and we thereby simply let-go. In letting go of attachments, anger, and pride, the One Soul meditates from within, sahaja-effortlessly."

"A lineage of Memory, Continuity, a Baseline of Kindness, a unifying stream of empathy, distilled and stilled in the Oneness of our Nature and Essence."

Swami Ritavan Bharati, Spiritual Head of AHYMSIN and disciple of Swami Veda Bharati

In Sadhana Sangama Trust, we are blessed to be connected with the sages of Himalayan tradition and we always base our sharing of knowledge on the scriptures and teachings of our sages.