Sadhana Sangama Trust

Holistic Education

Holistic education principles don't just stay in letter, but we live the spirit of them in our school.

The five-layer personality model is taken as a guiding force in planning our approach. Every child is made up of five layers - Physical, Pranic, Emotional, Intellectual and Joyful source.

  • Our children are taught Yogasanas and spend time playing various field games. Our hostel children have daily morning routine of Yogasanas.
  • Our children are taught to remain quiet at various times of the day especially during Samskara period and while eating. They are taught simple breathing practices that bring calmness to their mind and improve concentration.
  • We offer children classes in Art, Painting, Music, Folk songs, Bharatanatyam dance which enable culturing of emotions in a healthy manner.
  • While we have integrated various aspects of attending to each of these layers through the curriculum, we also have a special period each day for all children called "Samskara" period.
  • During this period, they learn chanting of various Shlokas and Shanti mantras that are scientifically proven to improve concentration, bring down the restlessness in them and increase their ability to grasp complex concepts.