Sadhana Sangama Trust

Dance Festivals

At Sadhana Sangama we conduct many dance festivals through the year. Our dance festivals are an expression of deep passion for propagating the art form.

  • Provide opportunity for all levels of students in our center to develop confidence and perform on stage and help in their journey of becoming experienced dancers.
  • Be the platform for dance teachers and students from other centers to collaborate with us and perform in our festivals and promote the art in togetherness.
  • Going beyond the performance, our dance festivals provide an all-round opportunity for our students to learn all dimensions related to organizing dance festivals. It is an intense learning process in the making of a dancer and a dance teacher.

Sadhana Nrutya Samaagama: Annual day event of the center that is filled with color, music, rhythm, joy. Every year a new dance drama is presented. We invite a dance guru and felicitate his or her contributions.

Mukula-Yugala-Bahula: Annual classical dance festival with unique platform to nurture tender talent of kids, shape the passion of young dancers and adore the expertise of expert dancers and teachers.

Sadhana Nrutya Niranthara: A monthly dance celebration with various themes whereby an invited guest dance teacher or expert dancer perform at our Rangopanishad auditorium at Kala Yoga center.

Dasara Rasotsava: Annual Navaratri dance festival with leading dance school’s teachers, students and expert dancers sharing the joy of festivity with our dance center. This ten-day festival is a wonderful way for our students to learn all dimensions of dance.

Participate in our dance festivals