Sadhana Sangama Trust

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our faculty is a combination of medical professionals, Yoga teachers and those who have had long and successful career in corporate world living through all the challenges.

We are deeply interested in providing wellness solutions for small, medium and large companies/corporates to be offered to their employees.

  • This deep interest stems from our realization that individuals spend major part of their life in their professional environment and there is lot that could be done to attend to their health within that environment.
  • The present business environment is one of intense competition and dynamic changes within and without an organization. Employees are always under considerable stress, strain and expectations to adapt and outperform in ever changing environment.
  • Globally, organizations have matured their understanding of employee behavior, employee health conditions and its direct impact on business outcomes. The deployment of employee assistance, mental health and wellness programs in various corporations is a proof that organizations are realizing that wellness of their employees has a direct impact on the wellness of the business.

Our vision is to be part of this movement and help organization of any scale with Wellness Workshops that enable employees attend to their health in multi-dimensional manner in turn becoming better contributors in their professional environment.

Types of programs

  • Half day or Full day workshop at work places
  • Weekly one session at work place for a pre-defined period of time
  • Health assessment of individuals as per Ayurveda can be made part of any of these programs
  • Customize a program for your company or team focused on overall wellness

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