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Swami Veda Bharathi, a Senior Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayan Tradition to which this writer does also belong, begins his poem titled “BOTH” as follows :– It is said: “Pursuer of pleasures has no liberation; Seeker of liberation must renounce pleasure.” It is a conflict, not in very few seekers; most of us […]

When I read an email or SMS that comes as advertisement, in this era of commoditization – I often wonder how a vulnerable human mind is exploited. The fundamental technique used is to touch those trigger points of desire to consume more. Yes “be consumed by your desires” is the mantra of the world of […]

Nicely decorated Guruji Memorial on the eve of birthday celebrations. Lights being lit in honour of Guruji. Guru Maa leading the event. Bhajans sung by Smt. Naganandini Vishwanath as part of birthday celebrations. Shri Sanket Naik, Director, sharing his experiences with Guruji and how Guruji influenced his life and Sadhana. Shri Vijayasarathi, Director, reading out […]