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The 21 day complete lock down due to the onset of COVID-19 has transformed life at Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama (SRSD) into a Rishi Kula. During the vedic period, Rishis  lived in forests, in a hermitage and did their sadhana.  All the daily chores like washing the clothes, keeping the place neat and tidy, milking […]

It was a Friday evening and I was flying back home. I boarded the flight early and suddenly got into an activity of watching facial expression of each person boarding after me, just for fun. After a while it struck me that over 100+ faces that I watched, something was missing and something was always present. […]

Swami Rama once told, “People don’t understand what “Guru” is. They think it is a person sitting in front of them explaining a scripture or initiating them in a mantra”. This is incorrect, the Guru is actually a stream of enlightening knowledge. It emerges from the Parama Guru (“Supreme teacher”, divine consciousness itself.) and brought […]