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Understanding ‘Target’ When I asked my Guru (Padmashri Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R  Sathyanarayana), the meaning of the word TARGET, he explained it like this: “Look Suri, if you consider two points, namely, the place you are in and the place you need to go to, then, TARGET can be said to be the expanse between these […]

PRANA -THE COSMIC LIFELINE All beings are a composite form of PRANA. The quantum of Prana is indicated by the personality. Differences in personality arise because of the differences in the quantum of Prana. The PRASNOPNISHAD says that Prana springs from the Atman and is as inseparable as the shadow from the object casting it. […]

Cruising on Auto-pilot – Growing up in Bondage Airplanes have technology that is called auto-pilot mode. During long flight journeys, flight captains use the auto-pilot mode. Auto-pilot is a pre-programmed mode for flight operations based on memory of thousands of flying hours, conditions and simulations or what is trendy today as “Artificial Intelligence”. While in […]