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Guruji Pattabhiram’s 64 Birthday Celebrations at SRSD

Nicely decorated Guruji Memorial on the eve of birthday celebrations.

Lights being lit in honour of Guruji. Guru Maa leading the event.

Bhajans sung by Smt. Naganandini Vishwanath as part of birthday celebrations.

Shri Sanket Naik, Director, sharing his experiences with Guruji and how Guruji influenced his life and Sadhana.

Shri Vijayasarathi, Director, reading out an editorial titled “Preparations for Sadhana” written by Guruji that was published in an earlier issue of Sadhana Vidya.

Guru Maa dedicating facebook page on ‘Arogyavardhini’.

It is our beloved Guruji’s vision to create a healthy and harmonious society.
For Guruji, Health means ‘Enthusiasm at all levels’.
Along with Yogic practices, Ayurveda is another vital component that Guruji was emphasising on, to maintain good health.
Sri Sanket and Dr. Sadhanashree, who have passionately pursued the vision of Guruji, on the occasion of his 64th Birthday have dedicated a facebook page called ‘Arogyavardhini’ with the lofty ideal of promoting Holistic Health through Yoga and Ayurveda.
Please look out this space regularly for extremely useful information about maintaining excellent physical and mental health and how to beat stress and psychosomatic problems.
Please like and share this page. Together, let us create a healthy, harmonious and happy society.

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