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‘GURU’-The Stream of Enlightening Knowledge

Swami Rama once told, “People don’t understand what “Guru” is. They think it is a person sitting in front of them explaining a scripture or initiating them in a mantra”. This is incorrect, the Guru is actually a stream of enlightening knowledge. It emerges from the Parama Guru (“Supreme teacher”, divine consciousness itself.) and brought into time and space by the one pointed meditation of ancient sages. It is “the energy of enlightenment”, a living transmission of illuminating power.

True, no one can search for a preceptor. Scriptures proclaim “when the disciple is prepared, the master appears.” This happens only because of samskaras. Yes, it happened in my life. Guru, in the form of Swami Rama, not only appeared but also has been taking care of me, in all ways, even after disappearing from his mortal body in 1996. During the time of initiation in Srividya, through Shambhavi Deeksha, in which, he told me, Lord Parama Shiva would be present to initiate, Gurudev Swami Rama said, “Beti, even after I leave my body, the entire Rishigan would always take care of you. You have to just connect yourself to them with your mantra”. With the Guru’s grace, this is also happening at every point of crisis in my life. I feel I am always surrounded by the protective presence of the Rishi-s not one or two, but several.

The day before, Swami Rama left his body, he came in the dream to instruct that he would send us to another Guru in South Indian Tradition. True, no one search for a preceptor. My preceptor, dropped me into the lap of my present Guru, to be taken care of in no less way than my Gurudeva Swami Rama! I fondly address him as “Gurugalu” – Padmashree Awardee, one of the highest awards of Govt. of India, an internationally acclaimed Musicologist, Danceologist, Indologist and Srividya Adept, Mahamahopadhyaya Dr R Satyanarayana of Mysuru, his deeksha name being Sri Sathyanandanatha of Sri Vidyaranya Tradition of South connected to ‘Bharati’ tradition of Adi Shankaracharya.

Thus, my Gurudeva found my Gurugalu for me and in course of my learning Srividya under my Guru’s caring vigilance and discipline, I realised this truth that “the Guru is stream of enlightening knowledge. It emerges from the ‘Parama Guru’ (“Supreme teacher”, divine consciousness itself). It is the energy of enlightenment, a living transmission of illuminating power”. Also that he is one among the Rishigan that Swami Rama mentioned, at the point of initiation. He is indeed “Rasa Rishi” in the modern attire, a house holder too. One would miss his inner light, misreading his outer simplicity of house holder.

All along, I knew, being with Swami Rama and also missing his physical presence that “Guru” is not a human, he is the light carrying the eternal truth to touch innumerable hearts which are yearning to experience it. His way is kindness, caring compassion, protection and boundless love. Nevertheless, knowing my strong attachment to the physical presence of Guru, and its possible effect on me as deep depression when he would leave his mortal body, Gurugalu, put me on constant meditation states, to forge a spiritual association to it. It finally emerged as – “Guru is none other than light and energy – the Prakasha and Vimarsha of supreme consciousness.” Here I was prepared by him to accept his exit on 16th Jan 2020! He continues to guide me every day in the path of fire and light! Because “Guru is actually a stream of enlightening knowledge; a living transmission of illuminating power.”

hiraṇya-garbhād ārabdhāṁ śeṣa-vyāsādi-madhyamām,

svāmi-śrī-rāma-pādāntāṁ vande guru-paramparām.

Originating from the Golden Womb (of light, the guru-spirit), and (flowing) down through the medium of gurus like Śeṣa (Patanjali), Vyāsa and the rest, ending at the feet of Sri Swami Rama, that (unbroken stream of) succession, I worship.

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  1. Satish says:

    Thank you for an amazing article.
    Thank you for an amazing insight “Guru is none oher than light and energy. Guru is actually a stream of enlightening knowledge; a living transmission of illuminating power.”” which pervades for ever. Gurudev transcends the time. Their compassion towards all of us just baffles my mind. Thanks again I will meditate on this message.

    Thanks for publishing the meaning of Gurushloka.

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